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Abundistic zebra foal first photographed April 23rd, 2014.

We found this little guy in Vumbura. He was born only a few days ago and has a rather amazing dark colour. This is a small genetic abnormality linked to the amount of melanin affecting the pigmentation of the fur. It doesnt occur often, and the last foal born with this was taken by Hyeanas within a few months. Unfortunately if you stand out from the others too much you are a target. We will be monitoring the progress of this guy though and if he makes it to adulthood it will be interesting to observe any potential behavioural interactions. At least at the moment his mum still loves him.”

Photography by Michael Fitt

Sad but true: Animals which give birth to babies afflicted by genetic abnormalities often abandon their young, or, as is often the case among predators, big cats most notably, the parents will kill these offspring outright. Nature does not typically favor animals with such drastic genetic differences. 

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